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Free Short Audio Stories Narrated By Actor Paul Cram:

audio science fiction short story narrated by Paul Cram

A space explorer must face robots, espionage, and help his friends & humanity.

Planar Ghosts, Audio fiction
Planar Ghosts, Part 1
Planar Ghosts, Part 2
Pup finds himself following a female ghost through a post-apocalyptic world. Find out who she is, does she want him dead too? From author Krystal Claxton,, 2016

Short Audio Horror Story "Murmurs of a Voice Foreknown"
Murmurs of a Voice Foreknown,
This is a horror story of extended childhood sibling rivalry in which victim may be more unstable than realized... from author Jon Padgett, Psudopod Horror Story Podcast, 2016

"Black Swan" cyber-punk story by Bruce Sterling
Black Swan, Cyber Punk science fiction from author Bruce Sterling,, 2016

Harvester Dreams audio story
Harvester Dreams, Robots becoming sentient, from author Michael J. DeLuca,, 2015

The Seal King, fantasy YA audio fiction
The Seal King, Part 1
The Seal King, Part 2
Based on the mythological Selkie creatures by author Jennifer Noelle Welch,, 2015

flowers for the dead, by Jamie Mason
Flowers for the Dead, Part 1
Flowers for the Dead, Part 2
In a city where magic is everywhere, a murderer is on the loose, by Jamie Mason,, 2014

Paul Cram Actor Books

Audio Books Read by Paul Cram:

Flirting With Death, by Boyd Craven, 2015

Kidnapped, COMING SOON by Boyd Craven

The Face Stealer, by Robert Scott Norton, 2015

Christmas Wonders, Touching Family Christmas Story By Robyn Buttars, 2015

Kiss Me, Contemporary Romance by Ben Hourigan, 2015

The Sweetest Surprise, Short Romantic Comedy by Augusta Hill, 2015

I Hear Angels, Short Christmas Romance by Jennifer Conner, 2015