Sun Focus Newspaper: Columbia Heights actor stars in film at Twin Cities Film Fest

Local actor, Paul Cram, stars in a Los Angeles-Made Indie Film that will premiere at the Minneapolis Showplace Icon Theater as part of the Twin Cities Film Fest. The film, Imperfect Sky, is a story that exemplifies the under-belly of heroin life in South Central Los Angeles.

Cram stars as Russ in the film, a dealer to one of the main characters. Cram currently lives in Columbia Heights and will be attending the screening.

“I love the role of Russ. There’s something to him that I really relate to, he is looking for love. And Russ totally has a dark side. Filming was so challenging I could go one for a long time about the obstacles- but ultimately it all came together and that’s what matters,” Cram said.

Imperfect Sky will premiere on Monday, Oct. 24, at 9:20 p.m. at the Minneapolis Showplace Icon Theater. The film is rated R.