Paul Cram Talks About "Imperfect Sky" With TCFF

Dark drama Imperfect Sky playing as a part of the Twin Cities Film Fest. Monday October 24, 9:20 pm at the Minneapolis Showplace Icon theater. Tickets $12,
Paul Cram wears little more than a smile in some of his scenes; while playing his role of Russ the gay heroin-dealer in the feature film. Rated "R" for nudity, adult situations, violence, drug usage, and language.

A story of brotherly love and addiction. Younger brother Abel experiences the under-belly of heroin-life in South Central LA while looking for a connection with his older brother Sky.
Minneapolis Tie-ins & Fun Facts:
During the initial casting and subsequent table reads, two of the three lead actors were replaced- leaving Minneapolis actor Paul Cram as the only one who wasn't recast. Also, Paul was the only out-of-town cast member, everyone else was from LA. The film shot on location in South Central LA.

Quotes: Director Graham Streeter said "Russ was originally written for a very muscular and tall man, covered in tattoos and piercings; but once Ann, the casting director, showed me Paul's audition tape, I couldn't get it out of my head whenever I thought about the role. So we rewrote a few things to make it all fit together with Paul in the role." 
Paul Cram said, "I am not having my family come to the screening of this film. It's just way too awkward when there's nudity on screen that I am in. I love the role of Russ. There's something to him that I really relate to, he is looking for love. And Russ totally has a dark side. Filming was so challenging I could go one for a long time about the obstacles- but ultimately it all came together and that's what matters."

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Director:Graham Streeter
Runtime:105 min
Rating: R
Cast: Blake Lewis, Sam Smith, Paul Cram (Wilson), Tim Bagley (Grace & Frankie), Amy Hill (Crazy Ex Girlfriend), Marc Anthony (General Hospital)
Imperfect Sky will hit online rental outlets November 1st, 2016. Including Itunes, Xbox, On Demand, and Vimeo.