Actor Paul Cram Spoke On MSPIFF Panel - Photos & Details

Actor Paul Cram with Brother Isaiah Cram

MINNEAPOLIS – Hollywood actor and Minnesota native Paul Cram was featured on an acting panel at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Film Festival (MSPIFF) last week.
He spoke on the panel with several other Minnesotans who are prominent in the film and acting world. The topic of the panel discussion was “Keys for Casting and Acting for the Screen.” Cram has appeared in many films, notably in the recent Woody Harrelson production “Wilson,” which was filmed in various Minnesota locations in the past year. Cram plays Harrelson’s prison inmate. He has also starred in a number of horror films, including “13 Hours in a Warehouse.”

Actor Paul Cram, Patrick Coyle, Musician Zay CramCram shared a few of the key points from the panel at MSPIFF. “Acting is the most important thing in a movie,” Cram said. “A bad script can be made better with good actors, but bad acting will make people turn the channel or leave the theater fast!”

For directors, the panel discussed the decision to use union actors in their productions. Advice for actors included tips for dealing with rejection, as well as the best places to fi nd jobs and roles, which includes websites for the local acting scene such as, and for the national scene at

Jackie Bussjaeger