Controversial New Romance Novel from Ben Hourigan Narrated by Actor Paul Cram

Kiss Me book cover Kiss Me, controversial new book written by Ben Hourigan, that brings Western & Eastern clashing ideologies on love, sex, & politics to the forefront in this contemporary romance.
Narrated by actor Paul Cram, the story delves into the world of former child prodigy, Joshua Rivers. The son of a lottery winner. Who also believes himself to be blessed with a vision of his perfect destiny and perfect love.

Now in his early 20s, Joshua already feels left behind by life. His longtime lover, Lilian Lau, is well on her way to becoming a famous artist, and his former classmates are also racing toward their success. Meanwhile, he waits for the moment - and the woman - that will show him his time has finally arrived. When it does, he resolves to take what is his, whatever it costs him or anyone. 

Kiss Me is the first part of the No More Dreams series: an unusual story about love, ambition, and the problems of being privileged.

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The book is labeled NSFW due to graphic depictions of sex between the two main characters.