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Library love

Columbia Heights Actor stars in film at Film Fest

Mr. Roger's Mustard Sweater & Plaid-splosion on the Red Carpet Interview with Paul Cram

Sun Focus Newspaper: Columbia Heights actor stars in film at Twin Cities Film Fest

Minnesota Actor Paul Cram Talks Dark Drama ‘Imperfect Sky’

Lavender Magazine: Gritty Gay Indy “Imperfect Sky” at Showplace Icon Monday Night, Oct. 24

Film Festival Awards - Imperfect Sky by Graham Streeter

Paul Cram Talks About "Imperfect Sky" With TCFF

Paul Cram Talks About "Imperfect Sky" With TCFF

Gritty Indie Film Plays Late Night at Twin Cities Film Fest

TCFF Interview

Yes. Wrote that for you

Night light - Photo Adventures of Bunny & Cram

Adventures of Bunny And Cram

On the train tracks

The Rosie Project book

Minnesota Underground

The World Needs More Love Letters

How To Avoid The Cutting Room Floor - Editor's Advice For On-Camera Actors

Happy Sunday

Read if you like Dr. Who & Science Fiction on the Edge of Horror - The Face Stealer

Actor Paul Cram - Portrait by Gabrielle Ma

Succulent plant

Cheese head

A Train To Nowhere on a Saturday

Celebrating Justice & Jury Duty

Reading Manga Right to Left - Pokémon Black & White


Hat-Hanging Braided Rope - DIY

Should I Get A College Degree In Acting/Theatre? Q & A Letter

Good morning Minnesota

Big Truck Matches My Little Bicycle

If Pokemon Go Wasn't Digital - Includes Wedding Crash

Pokémon Go meets real life

Pokémon Huntin' Midwest Style


Best places in the world

Beaver Tail Hairdo - Streetstyle


Actor Paul Cram & Musican Zay Cram - Midwest Brothers

Cotton Candy Clouds

Cat Smiles Make Me Smile On The Film Set of "House Of Tomorrow"

Beauty Fenced In

Blog All About Calm

Short Audio Science Fiction Apocalypse Story by Krystal Claxton, Narrated by Paul Cram

Short Horror Story by Jon Padgett, Narrated by Paul Cram

Rainy day