Warning! Soap Box Rant Against "Christians" & Religion

Warning! Contains: vulgarity & a story/rant towards both "CHRISTIANS" & "ISLAMISTS."

Dear 2 different groups of street preachers who were arguing about who has the longest dick downtown tonight... err, oops! Me bad! You weren't comparing dick sizes. Nope, you were screaming at one another with loud speakers and signs spreading "gospels" to each other.

While I usually just keep walking, tonight I leaned on my bike & lingered.

Guess what?

While you were comparing and fighting about who had the biggest dick (cosmic theology) NOT EVEN 7 FEET AWAY on the sidewalk was a young man listening to all of you screaming. He looked amused, and a tad confused. Probably similar to the look on my own face as I watched.

Guess who he came to stand beside?
Oh, I dunno, I am going to take the wild leap of speculation and say I think it was because I was one of the few people that wasn't screaming into a mega phone!
And when he approached I said "hi."

Nodding towards your antics, he asked what I thought of you all?
I shared that it was entertaining & added that I like that we live in a place where people can disagree.

Guess what?

He wound up telling me he had just left HCMC's medical emergency room, and he was scared for his friend who he had just admitted because of a Heroin overdose. He told me that he himself had done a little too, but that he really had done mostly 420 tonight. We talked for a half hour; all while you raged on in the background about saving the souls of the damned from the fires of hell and how Christians should spread the gospel and the other group raged back about Black and other ethnic groups being the true people of God, not whites... *sigh* (rabbit trail- I don't think each different group was even listening to each other, you do realize you both were shouting about 2 different topics?!)

Anyways, this young man and I talked about God. We talked about life. We talked about drugs,

Did I convert him to Christianity? Nope. I didn't try.
Did I talk to him about his being a different race than me? Nope. That doesn't matter. He is a human being just like I am.

I did talk to him about shelters in the area, and pointed him to the homeless shelter I know well over behind the new Football stadium. (www.1stcov.org)
Also, I bought him a hot sandwich as he was hungry & cold. 
And you know what he said when I handed him that sandwich and was walking away...
Oh wait, no, I guess you didn't catch the words that came from his mouth that made me tear up. Nope you didn't hear them because you were still screaming about who has a bigger dick.

*end of rant/story*

Also, it isn't a very humble post as I am pointing out my own good deeds. I am so ANGRY and venting this out. Forgive me!