Dublin, Ireland Film Festival Awards "Best International Feature Film" to Drama "Imperfect Sky"

Actor Paul Cram win Ireland award

 Sex & drug-soaked feature film Imperfect Sky played over the weekend at Dublin, Ireland's Underground Cinema Film Festival, it won the Best International Feature Film award.
The film follows the moments of change that occur in a 21 year old hustler/addict’s life when his estranged little brother unexpectedly pays him a visit. 
Directed by Graham Streeter of Imperative Pictures; starring Blake Scott Lewis, Sam Lucas, and Tim Bagley. With Paul Cram rounding out his role of Russ in the film.

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actor paul cram nude scene in Imperfect Sky
Paul Cram as Russ, with Blake Scott Lewis as Sky, in "Imperfect Sky"
Director Graham Streeter directing actor Paul Cram
Director Graham Streeter working actor Paul Cram on the set of "Imperfect Sky" in Los Angeles
actor Paul Cram in Imperfect Sky
A moment in "Imperfect Sky" between Russ (Paul Cram) and Sky (Blake Scott Lewis)