New Sci-fi Audiobook "The Face Stealer" by Robert Scott-Norton

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Sci-fi thriller on the edge of horror
Blood pooled around the body and left splatters up the walls. He looked at the gun in his hand and wondered what he was going to do now.
When his lover is found murdered on the beach, Max becomes the prime suspect. But in the quiet seaside town of Southport, appearances are deceiving, and a terrified Max becomes the killer's next target.

Faceless assassins & a decade's old conspiracy threaten to rip the town apart and Max is caught in the middle. Trusting no one, he tears down the walls of silence that have been erected to protect humanity's biggest secret. In doing so, his meeting with the face stealer is assured… How can he survive the ultimate thief? How can anyone?

I recommend reading "The Face Stealer" doubly so if:
  • You are a fan of BBC's Torchwood with John Barrowman
  • You like The X Files with David Duchuvne
  • You enjoy Dr. Who
  • You like aliens
  • Enjoy government conspiracies
  • Like horror and thriller books, similar to Alfred Hitchock in tone

Sci-fi author Robert Scott-Norton
The Face Stealer Reviews

"If you like Torchwood or Flash Forward, you will love this book."
"made me want to keep reading until I learnt the truth at the end"
"became hooked and couldn't put it down"
"If you like sci-fi, intrigue and a ripping yarn, this author will be one to watch."

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