New Audiobook by Boyd Craven "Flirting With Death"

Audiobook narrator paul cram

New survivalist audiobook "Flirting With Death" by Boyd Craven & narrated by actor Paul Cram now available to hear & enjoy on audiobook. Which is a great way to listen to a book during your commute, or even during work.
"Flirting with Death" is set against the rustic beauty of Northern Michigan. It's obvious that the author has a soft spot for this part of the country, as his writing reflects a beauty that is genuinely heart-felt. Oh, and did I mention that the book is loaded with zombies? Lots of them!

I doubly recommend reading if: 
  • You are a fan of "The Walking Dead"
  • Like love stories
  • Like Night of the Living Dead
  • Enjoy books penned by Stephen King

Story Synopsis: Jim thought he had everything a man could ever want. A job, an apartment, and a girlfriend, Janie, who he was working on getting back. But then, tragedy struck.
After her funeral, Jim travels to northern Michigan to decompress and deal with his feelings in a rustic log cabin owned by his deceased girlfriend's family.
Author Boyd Craven
Author Boyd Craven
Not only is the cabin off the grid, it is a place of peace and solitude, that is, until the Ebola virus is unleashed upon the USA. In a panic, the CDC and the FDA release a vaccine that's only just started testing....
Now the infected roam the world, and even in northern Michigan, Jim isn't safe. He eagerly awaits Janie's family to join him; they are preppers, who may be the key to his survival, and they are the only family he has left.
In a world of the infected, can he carve out a slice of safety and sanity?

This is actor Paul Cram's first long-form narration of an audiobook story. His past narration credits come from short stories found on Cast of Wonders fiction podcast. As well as voicing commercials and movies. 

Go and listen to "Flirting with Death" now available on, Itunes, and

Zombie Audiobook Flirting with Death