3 Steps To Teach Your Kid Good Manners & Avoid Me Wiping My Bloody Hands & Greasy Bike Chain On Your Car Window

Bicycle Chain

If you cut me off by turning into the driveway of an elementary school with your 2 thousand pound car, and I have to slam on my bicycle brakes to avoid having both my bike and my body smash into the side of your car- don't just continue on in your life-or-death mission of dropping off your kid at elementary school. You are teaching your kid to become a reckless future hit-n-run driver.


I'll Tap On Your Car Window With My Bloody Hands & Greasy Bike Chain

If you cause someone to somersault over the handlebars of their bike, and then leave them there to pick up pieces of their bike and the contents of their messenger bag, please note that I will make my way to your car window and tap on it with my scraped hands. Carrying my greasy bike chain. I will also tap on your window with said chain. Even if you choose not to roll down your window, I will inquire just as to what you are doing driving in this manner at a school where there are children running, biking, and playing all the time.


How To Easily Avoid My Greasy Hand Tapping 

The ideal situation would be for you to not drive like you are the only human being that matters in the world. But I realize that mistakes happen. So here's what you can do in the aftermath to be a better human being and to teach your child kindness & respect for fellow humans:
  1. Safely stop your car. 
  2. Apologize. 
  3. Ask if I am alright and if there is anything you can do to help. 
Good manners and kindness can be scary. I know. Because it sometimes requires you to admit you did something that was reckless/stupid/dumb/harmful.



  1. Paul, cars weigh 3200 to 4000 pounds or so.

    1. Ahh. Yikes. Makes my bike even more bustable. Thanks for the note.


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