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New Book "Christmas Wonders" Written by Robyn Buttars, Narrated by Paul Cram

New book unboxing

The Distance of the Moon - by Italo Calvino, Read by Liev Schreiber

Warning! Soap Box Rant Against "Christians" & Religion

Cat lover's book "A Paris Haunting" gets American actor Paul Cram to narrate

Great Outdoor Love & Zombies Story

Karaoke Contest at Huberts Bar - Fundraiser for Inspire Arts at HCMC Hospital

Win a Free Bar of Zombie Repellent Handmade Soap

eYES Couple Hilarious Brain Teaser - Warning Rant Ahead

Listen to the SciFi Audio Story "Harvester Dreams" - Brought to you by the Escape Podcast

Talking "The Face Stealer" 6 min BBC interview w/author Robert Scott-Norton

2 Minute Movie Trailer "Imperfect Sky"

Dublin, Ireland Film Festival Awards "Best International Feature Film" to Drama "Imperfect Sky"

Robert Scott-Norton Interview on The SciFi Geeks Club Talking "The Face Stealer" Audio Book

Credits for Cram: Actor wraps Woody Harrelson flick, Twins commercial, audio book

Off With Their Heads - Lego Eye-spy Game

New Sci-fi Audiobook "The Face Stealer" by Robert Scott-Norton

The Aroma of Stargazer Lilies

Buddy-up-and-read Volunteer Recognition night

Eye-spy 10 Famous Books & Movie Props with Actor Paul Cram

GoodReads Book review "The Face Stealer" by Robert Scott Norton

July Prize Free Giveaway Trivia for Audiobook

Happy National Blueberry Month

New Audiobook by Boyd Craven "Flirting With Death"

Paul Cram Father's Day Sentiment

Out Magazine - The End of International Male Catalogue

Photo Paul Cram on the Cement

Man Bag Mania

Male Actor Paul Cram Modeling With Peony & Black Paint

Sunday Afternoon read

3 Steps To Teach Your Kid Good Manners & Avoid Me Wiping My Bloody Hands & Greasy Bike Chain On Your Car Window

DIY Chic Flower Crown & Beard - Making Harper's Bazaar Craft