Some Unique Gift Ideas for Christmas That Caught My Eye Over The Year

Christmas Gift ideas

My eyes have been feasting on all the great gift guides around. A lot of these are items from independent artists I've come across. I like indie artists, certainly because I consider myself one; being an independent film actor. I think it probably goes without saying, but I want to mention that I have no affiliations with the companies.

Flexible Ball-bearing Dragon
I saw these online and just couldn't get over how cool they are. Do I need one? No. Not Really. But I love that they are constructed of ball-bearings which makes them amazingly bendable in all directions.
They are hand-made by a Russian. You can read more online about his dragons and other things he makes, as well as order some. I should forewarn ya though. These little guys are not cheap. See more of the dragons

Table Topics Conversation-Starting Cards
At first I thought these were silly. Because who needs help starting a conversation? But then I began reading some of the cards and found myself committing them to memory to use at my next gathering of friends. The questions are great and unique to get people engaged in discussion. These can be found all over the internet, from Ebay to Usually they cost around $25. They come in a great, heafty, clear resin box that is so satisfying to open.

Original Art Cards
Oh Etsy. The crafter/artisan online selling dream.
I came across some really whimsical cards this year on that website, and am always impressed with how gorgeous some of the works of art are available on there from artists.
If you like this piece, check it out Etsy shop
But I doubt you'll stop just at that one shop on there, if you are anything like me.

perfume bottleArtisan-made Fragrance 
The number of compliments I get from the cologne I wear by by independent artisan perfumer Liz Zorn is awesome. (I highly recommend looking into some niche perfumers. (Their scents are usually so much more interesting.)
Actually, if you usually hate perfume and cologne- I'd say to try out some natural perfumes and fragrances- it's surprising how fragrances composed of all natural ingredients really shine and aren't intrusive.  Liz Zorn

Aozora Dot Musee Crayon Sticks
These make me happy.
Remember coloring as a kid and just using all the colors you possibly could get into one drawing? No? Well I did!
These color crayons mix complimentary tones into one stick. So when you drag it across paper what's left is an impressionistic pallet of colors. 
These are tough to find though. Occasionally you'll see 6-stick sets on or online.

Ugly Christmas Sweater
How could I resist? I can't. Not when there's so much fun & ugliness to spread around. I like to imagine the look on someone's face when they would open a gift to see one of these uglies waiting to be picked-up and wore. Depending on size the price is usually $25-$75 Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Also, I am always interested in suggestions or things you think I'd like. Leave a comment.