Goodbye Hollywood - Until Next Time We Meet Again

Paul Cram

My underwear-clad body lies in the bathtub. Perched on the side of the tub is the director with the camera, above him is the boom microphone being held in place by the sound guy, and to my left is the lead actor wearing his white beater shirt. We've been filming in this small 8 x 8 bathroom for a few hours now and in addition to the four of us, there's been several other production people coming in-and-out…

These memories swirl through my thoughts, much like the leaves that are falling around me as I sit here in the woods, many miles between me and the production that I left back in Hollywood just yesterday.

I showed the camera my interpretation of Russ. Now the editors will examine it, cut it, and refine it into what you will see on the screen.

While I feel my internal clock resetting here in the Midwest, I imagine what must be going on amidst the hustle & bustle of the movie set today.

I feel melancholy.

This group of wacky-fun individuals comprising the production "family" each quickly made their way into my heart.

Hopefully without sounding too much like some award acceptance speech- I want to thank these people and mention some of the things about them that I absolutely love:

Blake Scott Lewis, lead actor
I am happy to have been able to work alongside actor Blake Scott Lewis. Through-out the intensity of our major day of filming is really when my respect and admiration for his nimble acting abilities and who he is as a person grew beyond measure. His well-timed affirming comments along the way lent a lot of support to my sometimes frail actor ego. His ability to lighten my mood with some clever antics left me laughing, which alleviated some tension from our dramatic scenes. Also, he loves food. I consider this to be something I will forever be bonded to him over.
If there was a magical button that I could push that read "work again with Blake" I'd push it. (Heck, I'd be frantically pushing and re-pushing it.)

Sam Lucas Smith, lead actor
Unfortunately I wasn't able to be in more scenes with him. I could tell from watching him perform that he's smart and I want to do a superhero movie with him sometime where I play the villain. I think this is because he looks sort of like Superman to me.

Deon Lucas, actor
This guy has style. Not just in his acting, but literally in his wardrobe. I want to own his clothes.

Kay D'Arcy, actor
I adore her zest for art and her curiosity about her surroundings. It is infectious and she is so much fun to be around. 

Mike Scarr, Visual
It was impressive watching Mike wear a few different hats on set, handling the visual aspects of props, lighting, and such under Graham's direction. (Ever wonder how many props are used in a movie? Let's just say a couple hundred.)
I feel like I can say just about anything to this guy and he gets it. Is it because we both share the same birth month? Who knows? Were I to add up all the hours of gabbing I did with Mike, I think it'd be days and days worth. I doubt he believes me when I said I like quiet. Good thing it wasn't pay-by-the-minute conversation. #bromance

Paige Bryant, production coordinator
Production coordinator extraordinaire! And she's a nice person. What's not to love about a fun-loving person that is willing to laugh with me in a selfie picture, in-between doing her job of scheduling and communicating with everyone, and working on set with continuity?!

Elliott Ares, audio engineer & camera assistant
Think first and speak second.
I should take notes from Elliott on the art of silence. I can't believe how he can go for long stretches of time without speaking. It's amazing. That and he is really funny, which made me want him to talk to me more. (Next time I'll get him to talk even more than ever before.)

Alex Lebosque, executive producer
Love his quick tongued humor. (And he can cook!) He has a way of looking at situations from many perspectives which must make him a killer at negotiating.

Graham Streeter, director/cinematographer
Am thankful to the director Graham for having me along on this film. Watching him work, being on his feet for hours and hours and hours, which directing and doing the cinematography made me tired! His dedication is palpable. I nearly can't believe that the entire film will be done in a matter of weeks. (What would usually take months, he is accomplishing in weeks.) I am impressed and adamant that I will do another project with him, whether he wants me there or not. ;)

My mantra today is from the words of Dr. Suess "Don't be sad it's over, smile because it happened."