Packing Prepping for Filming "Imperfect Sky"

paul cram script

Filming begins for me next week in Los Angeles on the indie drama movie "Imperfect Sky." Packing starts tonight. #ImperfectSky #excited Learn more about the film online at:

For anyone that's really into random details from photos-
the jeans are Levi's 513 cut denim, the shirt is obviously Mossimo which I grabbed used at a thrift shop, but can be found on clothing racks at Target. The briefs are Stafford low rise (JC Penny) which is one of the only tighty-whitey briefs that don't have lettering on the waistband that I have ever found, and the perfume bottle up at the top is Liz Zorn's Vanillaville scent, which is what I plan on wearing for this character. :) Happy September.