Leaving Midwest's Autumn Colors for a Movie in Hollywood

Paul Cram Autumn
Achill breeze wafts the pages of my script here in the Midwest. There's a definitive crisp edge in this 45 degree air that's beginning to linger. I believe Autumn's one of the times when poets are given grace by the Creator as every sight, smell, and sound from it reads beautifully on paper.

I've begun packing for my trip to Hollywood. My two luggage bags are not fully loaded yet, but they will be. At this time next week I'll be filming my role of Russ on the drama film "Imperfect Sky" with Blake Scott and director Graham Streeter.

I'll simply have to appreciate the changing color of the leaves here in the Midwest from afar for this year. Maybe beneath a palm tree with my toes in the sand? -Actor, Paul Cram. www.imperfectsky.com