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Color-it-yourself Munny  2.2 x 3 x 4 inches ; 5.6 ounces Munny is mini. Kidrobot debuts a mini 4" version of its boundless blank vinyl toy. Customize every little inch of this mini with whatever you can grab a hold of. Mark it up with crayons, paint masterpieces in ketchup, glue on horns or meld two together to create conjoined mini munny twins. You can do anything you want. About Kidrobot, Kidrobot is an urban culture and art-driven lifestyle brand. Founded by Paul Budnitz in 2002, Kidrobot is a community, an exclusive club and a source of expression for a wide range of artists and consumers. Kidrobot has developed a unique, vibrant, pop art aesthetic, creating toys, apparel, accessories and other products in collaboration with many of the world’s most talented artists and designers. About MunnyWorld, In Kidrobot’s MunnyWorld, you can do anything you want. Munny, Bub, Trikky, Raffy, Rooz, Foomi and Kracka are the soft, super smooth matte white vinyl figures that make up MunnyWorld. Each one is a blank canvas and all ready for scribbling, piercing, painting, posing, piling, dressing up and sculpting into forms straight from your imagination. Or you can keep them just as they are. Have a decorating party, a customized toy show and more. Do it yourself.

Contest ends in one week. Enter now.

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  1. prairie rattlesnakes and bull snakes

  2. Whats the question for the prize

    1. The question is embedded into the raffle module at the beginning of this blog post. Hopefully it is visible to you? That would be how you'd have to enter as the winner will be chosen through that module. (Hopefully that makes sense.) But to answer your question, the question to enter the raffle is "What were the 2 types of snakes present on the movie sets in South Dakota that Paul talks about being afraid of?"

      Please note that I hate spam, and never share any of your information from contests.

    2. Prairie Rattlesnakes and Bull Snakes.

      BTW...the first youtube video won't load. I keep getting an error message.

    3. Hi Jeremy, Thanks for pointing that glitch out. It has been fixed!

  3. prairie rattlesnakes and bull snakes


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