Basic Items To Bring Traveling to Avoid Jet Lag

travel jet lag items
After waking up at 3am to make an early morning flight, flying across the country, hopping a bus for 2 hours, then taking a cab to arrive at my hotel around 8pm- I must say, it's those small comforts that help me stay kind and centered. Unfortunately, I learned the hard way, that I need to take a bit of extra care of myself while traveling, or the following day on set filming I am sluggish, haggard, and tired; or worse yet, sick. Which is not good for any actor or business traveler.

My List of Travel Creature-Comfort Items

  1. Cherry Chapstick
  2. Toothbrush & Paste
  3. Small blanket
    Use bunched up as a pillow, neck rest, or as it is originally intended as a blanket.
  4. Ear Buds with Audiobook
    I prefer YA fiction fantasy. Most local libraries now have downloadable audiobooks for your electronic devices. You just need a library card.
  5. Fragrance Sample
    to dab on my wrist. I find myself whiffing it every so often. It's comforting & helpful if I find myself sitting alongside someone that has B.O.
  6. Humidifier
    This is if I am staying in a hotel for longer than a day or two. My skin tends to become dry while traveling, making the extra water in the air helpful. I usually don't pack one, but  pick one up at a drug store of whatever city I am traveling in and bring it to my room
  7. Stuffed Animal
    I admit it. I have a stuffed monkey that I sleep with.
Bonus Tip: 

A travel tip that I learned, is to start a week before your trip to begin adjusting your body to the time zone you are traveling to. It makes the whole transition a whole lot easier.