Tokyo Fashion & Slamming Soundtrack - My Current Favorite Opening Sequence from Resident Evil

High Heels Resident Evil
For me, I first started paying attention to the Resident Evil movies with Milla Jovovich when I was asked to read for a role in "Resident Evil: Extinction." While I was getting ready to audition, I watched the first film and really found myself enjoying it.

Yes, it is a Zombie movie, & yes, I do get squeamish easily from most horror films; but it also is a great action flick with some mystery element to it. (Love me some mystery.)
Fast forward a few years and I am in love with this opening sequence to Resident Evil: AfterLife. Something is so great about the soundtrack mixed in with the rain and swirling umbrellas and the girl's fashion. I love it.

What about you? What opening sequence in a movie is your fave?


  1. I love the opening sequence to "Little Shop of Horrors"!

    1. That is a stunning musical intro to the film. Great pick!


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