History Channel "America Unearthed" Pictures On Set

That's a wrap! Filming was great on the set of America Unearthed. (Watch episode)
actor paul cram night shirt
A scene from the History Channel's "America Unearthed" has actor Paul Cram playing the role of John Suratt

Special Effects artist Ryan Schaddely prepares Paul's stand-in chest

actor paul cram naked chest
Left: Actor Paul Cram's chest referrence photo used to create the prosthetic chest
Ryan Schadelly special effects artist

Left: Wardrobe Stylist Jessie Dery, Paul Cram, & Sara Jean Kruchowski

todd cobery & paul cram
Actor Paul Cram & director Todd Cobery

filming america enearthed

knights with Paul Cram
Paul Cram with 2 knights

Paul Cram America Unearthed

Paul Cram america uneasrthed