1 Short Film Edited 2 Ways by 2 Different Editors With Actor Paul Cram

Paul Cram in the movie H 

What happens when 2 different movie editors take the exact same footage and edit it their own way? You get 2 unique perspectives on the same story.
Which is exactly what happened during October 2013, when actor Paul Cram worked with first-time student director Scott Fimon on this disturbing film study of temptation- exploring the relentless forms it takes to derail Jack's (played by Paul) attempts at kicking his drug habit.

After the scenes were filmed, the footage was given to editor Joseph Allshouse and editor Kevin O'Connor. They then set to work, putting together their unique versions of the story titled "H."

The final cut version of the film is a blend of the two editor's visions.
H. (HD Final Cut) 

You can see the alternate cut that Kevin made too:
H. (Alternative Cut by Kevin O'Connor)

"H" is written by Gabriel Coleman, Produced by Ryan Franzman, stars actress Ali Daniels and Paul Cram.

Beware scenes of sex, drugs, violence, & snakes

Do you prefer one over the other? If so, which one?


  1. Prefer the second cut buy Kevin O'conner on many levels. Especially the lighting. The first cut used darkness on an already dark scene. the light in the second cut was oh so more realistic.


    1. Thanks for watching them both and the comment.
      I am amazed when watching the two different cuts that they are so similar yet so different.

  2. Agree -- the use of dark on dark made it difficult to understand quite what was going on in the scene; where as the use of light in the second video made the scene much more realistic -- and intense.

    1. Am glad you liked them and commented.

  3. This is really interesting. Thanks so much for sharing both versions. I do a lot of editing so this helps to see. I think I much prefer the first version. The central idea that the woman is his sin is much more clear. Sweet performance by the way. :)

    1. Thank you. I, too, really like seeing both cuts side by side to really get that comparison of how the way they are edited brings out different facets of the story.


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