Celebrity Pant Size Trivia Answer

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edward furlong trivia
The correct answer is B: Edward Furlong.
While filming on the movie "Intermedio" there was a mix up between Paul's pant sizes and Edward's. Resulting in the wardrobe having to give Paul the pants that were originally for Edward, and vice-versa. It all worked out fine in the end.

Fun Fact

Did you know? Paul's appeared in movies with each of the three actors in this month's "Off-The-Wall Celebrity Trivia."
Peacock with Cillian Murphy, Intermedio with Edward Furlong, & Dust of War with Tony Todd.

cillian murphy, edward furlong, tony todd

Where to see the movies online:
Peacock- Streaming on Amazon.com
Intermedio- DVD on Amazon.com, Streaming on Netflix
Dust of War...  Not yet released.