Cat Sweater Winner is Announced

T hank you to everyone that sent in notes and images of your pets for the Cat Sweater giveaway! It was really fun to see the variety and read all of the comments. It is very clear that you all love your animals! Thanks too, to for providing the sweater.  

Cat & Pet Picture Submissions

cat portrait
This is sister-in-law's cat. I'm cat sitting while she's having her hip replaced. She's a totally sweet cat! -Deb Z.

cat picture
I'm sending you a pic of Lucy for your cat sweater contest (which you've seen, but she seriously looks like she's posing- looking right into the camera.) A bio? She's almost ten & she's as silly in her antics as her namesake- Lucille Ball. She makes me laugh. She follows me around like a puppy (along with her sister Pepper) much of the time & she always greets me at the door. She's shy, but everyone wants to pet her- and who wouldn't? - Me :) -Kathryn V.

cat image
My cat loving my chihuahua. -Roger M.

cat pet photo

cat kitten picture
Dear Paul, You might remember me from such social media platforms as Twitter (eyeliner on a cat). Seeing you in that cat sweater looking so pensive just makes me want to have one too. I've attached a pic of Computer Blue, whom I'm certain you've heard me going on and on about. She's now 6 months old, and honestly, I can't believe how big a cat can grow in such a short time. I still like to bring her right up to my face and imagine that her head is the same size as mine. That makes me laugh, but it really ought to scare me. Cheers to you, to kitties, to life! xox, Carrie
PS- this pic of CB shows her arms up. She was not in the middle of doing anything, this is how she looks when she's spaced out.

parrot picture
My parrot "Augie" -Steven B.

horse portrait
Willy Z. & Tanner

hairless cat picture
This is Lucille Bald  (lucy) she is a spectacular cuddler and is super spoiled.. She loves to play and hide Qtips.... When she sits cuddling with me she is in the window suntanning...

silkie chicken pet picture
My other pet, his is my silkie chicken, Henry... He loves fresh corn on the cob and watermelon.HE LOVES snuggling up where its warm
Thank you to everyone for participating. The pictures brought a big smile to my face. Now I feel the need to find some adorable animals to snuggle with. #OffToFindAPettingZoo


  1. The cat sweaters are bad enough alone, but when you add those huge ugly glasses you nailed the part as the guy that would actually wear one of those sweaters!


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