Don't Judge A Book By It's Obnoxious Cover - Good Fantasy Novel "Fablehaven"

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Were I only to go off of the cover art on the Fablehaven book series, I'd think a publisher, needing to beef-up the YA Fiction catalog, called down to the marketing department & ordered mock cover designs, then hired a writer to write stories to match.
But I'd be wrong.

The series is great and I find there to be some depth amidst the fiction.

Great Quote

There is a difference between hearing and listening. You can't always help what you hear. But you can control what holds your interest, what you choose to dwell on.
Spoken by the Grandfather to his Grandson Seth in Fablehaven book 4 "Secrets of the Dragon Sanctuary", by Brandon Mull.

Maybe The Cover Art is Good?

And perhaps the cover art is perfect? I assume that boys aged early teen would dig it, and the two lead characters in the book, Kendra and Seth, are just about that age.  Plus, the author has done a nice job of penning the brother/sister duo in a way that I find believable. That, coupled with the adventures, creatures, and overall imagination of the book- makes me happy to read.

fablehaven book 4

What about you? Any good reads that you'll tell me about? What's on your nightstand?