4 Artist Renditions of My Mug

suzann beck studio

suzanne beck paints actor paul cram
Artist Suzann Beck has me sitting for her and three of her painting friends. For the next 8 hours, I am stared at constantly from their four different perspectives set semi-circle around my chair. (How awkward posing nude must be?!)

At first, there's lively discussion amongst them, but as the hours tick by, there's an intense calm that comes over the group.

Artist's Zen?

The only sounds coming from the painters come from the brushes gliding the oils onto canvas. Which is much louder than one would think.
I could just be hyper-aware of everything. Sitting still for 8 hours, my senses seem heightened in certain ways and dulled in others.

Quiet intensity.

I am happy to see the different styles in the pieces.

Actor Paul Cram oil paintings