Look Alikes & Doppelgangers

1. Tobin Bell
After an online interview, Paul was mentioned in a comment on a message board for horror films, "Paul ought to play Tobin Bell's son in a movie." (For those that don't follow horror flicks, Tobin Bell is the leading actor in the series of horror genre films "Saw.") What do you think? Agree or disagree?
Tobin Bell, Actor Paul Cram
Left: Tobin Bell, Actor Paul Cram

2. General Custer
Author & cartoonist Jack S. writes, "I'm looking at your photos and videos right now and I noticed you look a lot like famed Civil War Union General Custer. Except for the fact that he's 50 or 60 pounds heavier than you." 
General Custer and Actor Paul Cram
Left: General Custer in the 1860's, Actor Paul Cram in the 2000's

3. Meerkat
On the set of a movie taping, a casting director told Paul that he looked like a Meerkat. Paul thought it was uber-cool sleek cat, maybe like a Jaguar. But it's not. What do you think? Doppelgangers? 
Meerkat and Paul Cram Actor
Left: Meerkat, Actor Paul Cram

4. Sondre Lerche
A casting director jotted a note, telling Paul he looked very similar to the Icelandic singer/songwriter Sondre Lerche, that she had recently seen perform on David Letterman. "His mannerisms are so similar." she said.
Sondre Lerche, Actor Paul Cram
Left: Sondre Lerche, Actor Paul Cram

What about you? Do you have any Doppelgangers or Look Alikes out there? Or have you spotted one of Paul Cram? Leave a comment.


  1. Yes, to all of them!

    1.) The Tobin Bell resemblance is uncanny:


    2.) Custer as a young man? Or one of Custer's descendants? You could make a series of ill-advised Last Stands that end in disaster: "Who's with me on banning fatty foods from the frat kitchen? Are my brothers with me?!" followed by a chorus of boos and a forced trip to the garbage dumpster in the alley behind the house.

    3.) The voice of a meerkat in the next Ice Age sequel. Totally.

    4.) Flabbergasted at the Lerche resemblance, as well. You're like twin sons of different mothers. You should absolutely film a lip-sync clip and load it onto YouTube. If nothing else, you'll have it to show future directors/producers your potential as rock-star character material. There was a recent episode of Castle featuring a fictional band where you would have fit right in.

    1. A laugh just burst out of my mouth.

      #2- I can see it now, my feet would be the only things sticking out from the edge of the stinky dumpster. And #4 is rather brilliant.

      Mr. Branch, I do believe your quick wit just made my day.


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