Star Wars Snowflake Paper Cut-Outs

Actor Paul Cram Star Wars
Does this paper Star Wars snowflake cut-out make me look like a Dork? 
Actually, don't answer the question. I'd like to hold onto the blissful notion that this little Storm Trooper flake reaffirms my machismo & sex appeal. 

I owe a note of thanks to the even bigger dork that shared the Star Wars Cut-Out Snowflake templates with me, Clint R. So big Thank You!

I spent 15 minutes cutting out the Storm Trooper snowflake. Which is more time to finish it than most. But scissors aren't always my friend. I prefer to take my time, rather than having to go to the emergency room clutching a bloodied snowflake, all while screaming "Oh my EYE, my EYE!"

Merry Christmas season everyone. 

Do you have any dorky doings for the Christmas season? Share with me.
Star Wars Snowflake Cut Out


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