Noir Style Fiction - Book Report

nero wolfe paul cram
Adual citizenship pen pal answers my request for a book suggestion on Twitter. Having just finished the final eight-hundredth page of horror novel "The Passage," I asked if anyone knew of another good book for me to read. In less time than it takes to crack the knuckles of your left hand, the American/Israelite pen pal tweets back that I ought to get antiquated with Archie Goodwin, detective.

I see a couple titles are available online at my local library. 
I enter my library card number.
I reserve a copy.

Walking out of the library's double doors with book in hand, I am happy to note how light the novel is. Cracking it open I see it ends at 216 pages.

The story is told in the first person style by character Archie Goodwin. The plot centers around the detective mastermind Nero Wolfe- famed detective.

Archie Goodwin is to Nero Wolfe what Watson is to Sherlock Holmes. 


The quiet night is broken with my belly laugh. I can't help it, the running commentary of Archie's is just delightful. In "Silver Spire" there's a murder commited in a mega-church out in New York. Nero and Archie get tangled up in the thick of it when a colleague is charged with the shooting. I won't say anymore, go get it for yourself. It's a breezy read.

Have you ever read a book that made you laugh out loud? Please tell me what the title is so I can laugh too.