Homemade Vanilla Pirate Style Rum

vanilla extract DIY
Rum soaked vanilla beans
Paul Cram Actor Making Vanilla

Rum splashes out the top of the jar to the wooden table for the fifth time. I am discovering just how easy it is to over fill these jars with my concoction of vanilla extract. On the upside, My hands smell amazing. Being soaked in rum & vanilla seeds isn't so bad. This must be what a swashbuckling rum-drunk Pirate hand's smell like. Err, when he works in a bakery. ;)
Vanilla Bean Rum
I began this homemade brew of vanilla extract 3 months ago. Bought the 2 bottles of rum, and placed the vanilla beans inside to sit and let the vanilla seep into the alcohol of the rum.

Ideally these 2 litter size bottles of rum would percolate a month or two longer with the vanilla beans inside them before being poured to the smaller jars. But the holidays are here, and I intend to use these as gifts for fellow actors and a few directors I am working with on movies coming up. (Plus, I shoved one fresh vanilla bean into each tiny jar, so they will keep percolating in people's cupboards after I give them away.) 

Now if I can just keep more of the vanilla in the jars than sloshed across the table. Patience. I need to fill them more slowly.

Homemade Vanilla Paul Cram

I can't take credit for knowing how to do this at all. My fire-red-haired friend sent me a note with the link on Making Homemade Vanilla Extract over at AlexadraCooks.com. So I've followed those directions.

Vanilla Beans
Vanilla Beans
vanilla seeds
Vanilla Seeds on my Fingertips
Actor Paul Cram DIY
Screwing the cap on the final jar.
Now, off to learn my lines for this next film. What about you? Are you making any gifts to give this year during the holidays?
Paul Cram Off The Set
Cutting out the vanilla bottle labels I made
Vanilla Labels
The Finished Bottle


  1. Does it taste like vanilla flavored rum? or Mainly vanilla? Great gift idea.

    1. It's a vanilla extract, so it may smell like vanilla flavored rum, but it doesn't taste like vanilla flavored rum. More like vanilla extract that is used in baking.


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