Q & A: How would you want to spend a romantic evening?

Stars, Millstatt, AustriaExtraordinary77 writes Dear Paul, Do you date? What is your idea of a romantic evening?

Dear Extraordinary77, I wish I could say I have my calendar jam packed with 2-3 dates per day. Honestly though, I don't date very much. Though I certainly do have an answer to your question. Just be forewarned, I am sappy.

A romantic evening would start with the preparation of putting a flower in the lapel of my jacket. Hopefully I would give it away later in the evening. (I find that mini-carnations don't wilt much being out of water.)

Dinner, nestled in the corner of a cozy bistro, letting the conversation flow wherever it will. Followed with a hand-in-hand walk along a river or near water, with a kiss (or a few) along the way.

Ending up side by side on the ground gazing up at the stars. The sounds of the water flowing nearby. The scent of grass in Summer, or cold snow on warm mittens in Winter. Maybe our hand's entwined. Interspersing the silence with chatter about simple things, like childhood memories, books, and which Star Trek episode we liked the most while growing up.

So that's mine. What's yours? Or anyone else's?


  1. Carving pumpkins & drinking hot cider, spiked with apple scnapps... while listening to 1940's jazz. Then holding hands walking in a park, bundled against the cold. Pho for dinner, or Thai.

    1. Cynthia, what a picture you paint. The cider and pumpkin carving bring to mind wonderful aromas.


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