9 Kinda-Normal Ways Paul Cram Characters Met Their End

paul cram black eye
Movie directors love to throw Paul Cram under the bus. Not the metaphorical bus either. Which is just fine with Paul. "All the characters in a horror movie can't survive. Someone's gotta go. What actor doesn't like a dramatic death scene?" Paul says during an interview with a local newspaper reporter. It was the reporter who just pointed out the fact that so many characters on Paul's resume seem to wind up dead before the end credits.

Macabre Ways Actor Paul Cram's Character's Have Met Their Demise

  1. Blown-up after stepping on a landmine
  2. Hit by a car
  3. Blown-up by strapping TNT around waist
  4. Bled to death from a crotch wound inflicted by a Ghost 
  5. Poisoned
  6. Bled to death from a knife to the neck by a disgruntled step-dad 
  7. Bled to death after being shot in the stomach
  8. Drug overdose
  9. Mauled by a wild Wolf

Fake Dying Doesn't Come Easy


All that on-screen dying involves a bit of drama, some stunt work, and a good editor. Though the work hasn't come without some cut's, scrapes, a few bruises and a kick to the head, literally.
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