Good Read - But Don't Read If You Aren't Ready To Eat Fattening, Delicious, Yummy Food

Stumbling around the cooking section shelves at the local library, I tug on a book not so much because of it's title, more because the photos catch my attention. The book is titled The Good Stuff Cookbook Burgers, Fries, Shakes, Wedges, and More by chef Spike Mendelsohn.

It's the page with the Rosemary & Thyme Fries that seals the deal, and the book is added to my book bag. Even as the librarian checking out my selections mentioned she feeling hungry after scanning this particular book's bar code. 

This is an oh-so-good book!

It's loaded with small tips that have me smacking my lips in appreciation. Such as wrapping each burger, with toasted bun and all it's fixings, in some wax paper for a few minutes to let the flavors soak around and into the bun. (It's so good)

I've been trying my hand with the burgers, would've posted something sooner, but I ate it all before I could grab my camera. :)
Goodstuff cookbook actor paul cram