In the Drear of February I Wish You Daffodils

Oh how I do enjoy opening up that mail box, reaching inside, and tearing into a non-digital letter from a friend. The thought behind it, the time it took to sit and write it with ink, and of course seeing the person's unique handwriting. It all makes me smile.

Anyone get a letter that they'll always remember?


  1. The letters my brother wrote while in the service come to mind. He was seeing a girl long-distance and she sent him a "Dear John" letter...

    Letter writing is certainly a lost art.

    1. Ouch! Receiving a "Dear John" letter while in the service sounds hard. When it comes to that type of communication I'd prefer to hear the teller's voice.

      Sounds nice though that your brother wrote you & I wholeheartedly agree with you about letter writing being a lost art. There is something fantastic about being able to contemplate a response and not have to do instant responding. (Text messaging and such doesn't provide a great venue for thinking things through much.)


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