Pick a Scent for a Movie Character & My Surprise at Colognes Carrying Their Creator's Signature

Makes perfect sense to me now (and probably anyone who thinks about it for a moment). I was surprised though that all of the niche colognes I am sampling seem to have the indelible mark of their creator carved into the molecules of the scent. Which becomes noticeable once you smell several of any one perfumer's colognes. A quasi-theme develops. It's not so much that the colognes smell the same, far from it. It's more that they have a same-ness to their structure. It reinforces to me how our individuality in life comes out in everything we do. We look at Picasso paintings and are able to identify the artist behind his sometimes wildly different paintings. We watch Steven Spielberg's films. They all have his mark on them. You could see several films and pick out the ones Spielberg directed. Why not in perfume or cologne? I suppose I just never thought about it before. So it should have been glaringly obvious to me that there would be a signature of the perfumer in all of their work, but I just didn't think that far ahead.

soivoile perfume Scent a character... At some point I'll have to make a sort of scent profile for an acting role I am playing. Along with the regular character work, such as how I walk and talk, I'll include how I smell. I have my doubts as to how much this would help my acting performance, but I find it entertaining, so I say why not? Along the lines of make-believe, here something to try...

List a Character & Their Scent

Could be an existing character like Vampire Lestat (Tom Cruise in Interview With a Vampire), or a generic one like "A Vampire."

I'll start.

Character: Kindhearted Bartender
Scent: Vanillaville by Soivoile. It smells of vanilla, leather, & chewing tobacco.

Character: North Pole Elf
Scent: December by Dawn Spencer Hurwitz, smells of Cardamom cookies & fir trees

Character: Pirate Captain Jack Sparrow (Infamous Johnny Depp role)
Scent: Ore by Slumberhouse, smells of whiskey, coco, milk, & pepper. (Very very heavy on the Whiskey!)

Take a turn if you please, leaving it as a comment.