A Nice Get-Away Buried in the Heart of LA: The Farmer's Market

Spent a few hours walking around the farmer's market located at The Grove in Los Angeles. Loaded with baubles appealing to just about everyone: salted caramels, fresh strawberries & produce, fresh fish, post cards, herbs, cactus plants, raw steaks, and hats. 

I decide to eat dinner here. Again, there's something for everyone along the aisles of open air stalls, from sushi all the way to sauerkraut and pastrami sandwiches with fries. 

I get in line for the beef brisket with parsley broiled potatoes on the side. It's divine, so tender. Yum. After that I walk over to the bakery stall and purchase two custard filled eclairs to carry back with me to the hotel. Only one makes it back though, because I eat the first while sniffing some odd oils labeled "china rain" and "bergamot" from a stall that is loaded with assorted sizes of jars. Some smell really icky, and others smell great. 

The Farmer's Market, it's really a nice get-away buried in the heart of LA.