Funny Audition Requirement: Beautiful Feet Bottoms

male feet photo This weeks audition has me competing for the role of a male who is described as having "beautiful feet." The photo is from the audition. Acting is one of the few industries that's required to actively hire people according to their race, gender, & public opinion of their beauty. It's understandable. If a script calls for an obese male with long red hair and paper-white skin, it would be hard to cast Beyonce in the role. Still I find myself chuckling at auditions when I am asked to speak so they can hear my pronunciation, or in this case- to remove my shoes & socks so they can see the bottoms of my feet. 

Getting My Feet Ready For Their Close-up

Before the audition I make a quick pit-stop into my medicine cabinet, take out the bottle of French lavender scented body oil that I use after showering (see my Body Oil blog post). I tug off my shoes & socks only to see small lint bunnies between my toes. I fold up my jean hems. Step into the bathtub. Turn on warm water and rinse the bunnies into the drain. Returning to the bottle of body oil. It's scented with French Lavender, which I find is a pleasing scent for feet. I take care to rub it between each toe. I rarely spend this much time pampering my feet, but it isn't often a requirement. I forgo socks. While having my feet photographed for the audition, I am very aware of tension in my toes and try to relax everything as much as possible. I don't recall ever having spent so much time looking at my feet before. Actors do some weird things. Art imitating life. Life's surreal sometimes.

Anyone else have to do quirky things for their job?


  1. These are absolutely beautiful feet! And it's even better appreciated when it comes from a male, because female ones have many advantages starting with they are forced to wear shoes that correct or invent their arches. Men mostly are forced to flatten their feet with ugly sneakers and boots. Wouldn't be nicer if our western culture might allow to show male feet more often?


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