An Actor's Decemeber Weekend Comforts = A Good Read, Heavy Blanket, & a Warm Scented Cologne

sisters red book and mens cologne

Following my challenging trip of filming out east last week, it's a welcome distraction to receive an order of cologne from independent Portland based perfumer Slumberhouse and to have a great book to read over the weekend. The scent I ordered from Slumberhouse is called Rume. A spicy rendition that brings to mind the visits I made to my Grandmother's farm. Specifically standing in her kitchen peering over the sides of a ruby-red carnival cut glass bowl, perpetually filled with spiced gum drops. It's a wonderfully warm cologne scent. The audio book I have is Sisters Red. A coming of age story about Scarlett March & her sister Rosie as they hunt down Fenris (Wherewolves). So far it's a great weekend. I plan on spending more of it curled under a blanket, listening to the book, and sipping something warm.

What are your comfort items on a weekend when you are wanting to unwind and de-stress? What do you do?