7 Good Gift Ideas & 1 Bad One (I learnt the hard way)

My eyes have been feasting on all the great gift guides around. Seriously, I need to remind myself that I don't need ALL of it. I just want ALL of it. So, in classic mimic-style, I'm sharing too. Most of these are items from independent artists I've come across. I like indie artists, certainly because I consider myself one; being an independent film actor. I think it probably goes without saying, but I want to mention that I have no affiliations with the companies.

1. Beautiful Books
I was given a book on December 25, 1999 that is one of the most insightful gifts as an acknowledgement from the giver to me that they really were listening to me in my life and the book was a token of that. I have been giving books as gifts ever since. I find the cloth-bound classics released by penguin publishing to be very endearing. The designs are by Coralind Bickford-Smith and I think she did a very clever job with them. I see all of them online at Amazon.com for under $15 a piece.

Bad Gift Idea: Self-help Books
I 've stood in the self-help section at the local book shop, and while skimming the titles made mental note of who I know that ought to read the book. I've learned not to give them as a gift. It's the wrong platform for it. If I really want someone to read a self-help book, I give it to them in a private moment that isn't a holiday.
Although, maybe you are the type that likes to stoke the fire, burn bridges, and twist the knife in a bit deeper. ;)

2. Brass Octopus Necklace via Etsy
Forget wearing it. I wanna hang it in my bathroom. I saw this hulking necklace while looking online at Canadian necklace maker Chrys Designs on Etsy.com.. (For those that don't know, Etsy's a site where artists sell their trinkets & goods.) 
Brass Octopus Necklace $20, Chrys Designs Jewelry Etsy.com
3. Twisted Wick Candles
I have wise sisters. They've clued me in on the fact that if you give someone a candle and they don't like it- they can always burn it. Twisted Wick is cool because it's a small company with interesting wicks. The wick is literally twisted. Almost like it was raveled around a straw before it was dipped into the candle. The idea is it burns more evenly this way.
3oz. Spiced Clove candle by Twisted Wick $5.99

4. Rivertown Road Pour Homme Cologne
The number of compliments I get from this cologne is just amazing. Produced by independent artisan perfumer Liz Zorn. (I highly recommend looking into some niche perfumers, like Liz Zorn. Their scents are usually so much more interesting.) It smells a bit like Bay Rum, with a modern twist. Inspired by rivers, and rivertown people. Rivertown Road Pour Homme 35ml $135.00
She also has a 6 piece sampler set: Liz Zorn sampler set $42-$54
5. Mother-In-Laws Tongue Plant (AKA Snake Plant)
Not only is it a cheeky nod to your spouse's mother, it's also listed on NASA's list of the top plants to clean indoor air of toxins. Many people use this plant in their bedrooms as it can tolerate low light and it is at night that this particular plant creates oxygen. Mother-in-laws Tongue plants are readily available at local florist shops. Depending on size the price is usually $15-$45

6. Give A Goat & Two Chicks
Truly the perfect gift. Donate a goat and two chickens to children in need through the charity World Vision. The chicks grow up & lay eggs and a goat provides up to 16 cups of milk per day. Giving families a source of food, and income. World Vision is awesome as their mission is to help overcome poverty and injustice. 
This is my favorite gift on this whole list!
Donate Goat & Two Chicks $100 World Vision

7. Raw Lavender Blossom Honey
Bare Honey is wonderful. It's beyond organic. There is no chemicals, no treatments, no antibiotics, no GMO's, nope. Just raw natural honey.
Each jar has a sprig of lavender, (The aroma is so good) & the health benefits are long lasting too. Raw Lavender Blossom honey has a delicate and velvety texture, with a warm, lingering, lavender blossom finish.
4oz jar $7 Bare Honey

Also, I am always interested in suggestions or things you think I'd like. Leave a comment.


  1. I slipped the book, "How to win friends and influence people" into the mail shoot in someone's door once. The best way to recommend a self help book to someone is to remark to the person how much another person should read that book. It can make the person curious without feeling insulted.

    1. That's a very good way to recommend a self help book to someone. I like it!


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