I Was Wrong Justin Bieber You Don't Smell Bad

Why is it whenever I turn my nose up to be snobby that I inevitably have a big green bugger hanging for all to see? I laugh with friends over Justin Bieber releasing a perfume fragrance called Someday. Feeling so much more enlightened than all the masses of consumers being duped into another celebrity cash cow. Rolling my eyes at people buying stuff just because it has a celebrity name on it's package. I make jests at my niece about this, because she seems to own just about everything Justin Bieber: posters, nail polish, his perfume. So imagine the look on my face at Thanksgiving, when I smell a wonderful aroma and blurt out "Wow, someone sure smells good"  only to find out that the wearer of the wonderful aroma is my niece. Someday has arrived. All I can say is Justin Bieber's perfume smells awesome.

I wonder what part Justin Bieber played in it's creation? I know Sarah Jessica Parker (Lead actress on that hit show Sex and the City) played a huge role in the creation of her best selling fragrance Lovely. Maybe, just maybe I ought to not assume that all Justin did is lend his name to the marketing of Someday. Just maybe the teenager worked side by side with the chemists as they created the scent? Maybe.