Growing Fresh Air - Space Station Style

nasa house plants
Lock me in an airtight bottle with a spider plant, and I'll be fine... Okay, maybe don't screw the cap on all the way. But NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) does list the spider plant on their list of 27 plants usable to clean & oxygenate the air of space stations so maybe you can screw that cap on tight if I have several spider plants in it with me.
I am pleased to see the list includes several variety of house plants I am familiar with. The spider plant (non toxic to cats!), snake plant, and devil's ivy. (Dunno why am I familiar with only the nasty named ones.)

Green Plants, Healthy Placebo?

Setting one on my night stand and a few around on windowsills, I don't know if it's a bit of a placebo? But I do find myself feeling healthier since doing so. It makes me content somehow that year round I have an air cleaner next to me on my night stand every night while I sleep. Now if someone would just invent a flying car propelled with water as fuel and personal robot my childhood expectations for the year 2012 would be a reality!