Grateful This Week for People that That Craft Beauty

This is two-fold. The first being those people that make beautiful objects & things; like writing a song or making a wonderful cologne. The second being people that use objects & things to make beauty; like decorating one's home for guests. While I certainly agree that the best things in life aren't things, my heart is warmed by the ways people utilize items to acknowledge one another's importance & meaning in their lives with them. 

Making Things Pretty

During my Thanksgiving festivities this week I encounter many examples of people making things beautiful as
a way to express love for one another. Example: The tiny apple-green & lavender toned candles flickering beside each place setting at the dinner table.

Making Pretty Things

The very act of crafting something for others to enjoy is beautiful to me. Just this week, my day-to-day life was enriched with things of beauty made by artisans. Each made further enjoyable to me because of other people noticing them too. 
1. I feel great being stopped in the grocery store. As I turn to an inquisitive woman in the frozen foods aisle, she asks what scent cologne I am wearing as it smells so wonderful. Thank you perfumer! (For you fellow scent lovers, I was wearing Rivertown Road by Artist perfumer Liz Zorn.) 
2. I laugh out loud at this. I was stopped in the middle of the street downtown while wearing my favorite bomber leather jacket. The 20-something woman telling me "You are just too d*** cute!" (Be still my inflating ego.) Thank you leather designer! 

Ultimately what these things (cologne, leather jacket) mean to me is that the person who made them put thought, time, energy, and creativity into their task. For me to enjoy. Same with my relatives that made Thanksgiving so special with all the beautiful little touches.

Brings to mind the passage ...continue to think about what is good and worthy of praise. Think about what is true and honorable and right and pure and beautiful and respected. -Phillipians 4:8

So I repeat myself, this week I am grateful to all those people that took time and thought into making things beautiful.

What beauty have you encountered this week that you've enjoyed seeing/hearing/smelling/tasting/touching?


  1. You write about cologne a lot.

    1. Yes, I write a lot about things that interest me. I've been an avid reader this past year about the sense of smell and different scents- so cologne is high on my list of interests because of that.


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