Good Read... Talk to the Hand

To me, the delight of people answering or making calls [in public places] is that they suddenly - and oblivious to the enforced eavesdropping - reveal enormous amounts about themselves, as if they had, under the influence of hypnosis, stood up on a table and started stripping, and just as suddenly, got down again, adjusted their clothing, and resumed the anonymity of the everyday humdrum passenger. -Excerpt from Lynn Truss' book Talk To the Hand where she explains why she loves cell-phone users.

Dry Wit  

She has a great knack for dry humor. (She is British and it shows.) I first came across her writing in her best-selling book "Eats shoots and leaves" which is about punctuation and found it wonderful too.

I Like Her Insights

I find myself nodding my head in agreement with so much of what she tackles in this book on why it's important to be polite and kind to fellow human beings in our daily lives. It resonated with me when she said we are teaching generations to demand respect without giving it. So true!

Give her book a read. It's worth it.

What are you reading lately? Comment and let me know. Am always on the hunt for something new to check out.