Good Read... The Hunger Games

Paul Cram Bed

At three fourths through the novel The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, I stop reading for several days. I find myself actively avoiding it. Not because I don't like the writing, it's quite the opposite. By not reading it, I convince myself, that the characters are kept in a quasi-state of suspended animation. But each time I slip under my blankets into bed, there it is atop my nightstand, beckoning to be read. As if the characters are expectant for me to crack open the pages. To let them continue onto their destined journey set forth by the
author. No matter what will come. I do need to mention that the plot line of The Hunger Games follows a very similar line to the internationally controversial Japanese thriller film Battle Royale released in the year 2000. I am surprised a bit at the popularity of The Hunger Games only a decade later, as Battle Royale was so controversial at the time. (I have not seen the film Battle Royale, only read reviews of it.) 

On With The Hunger Games

I am reluctant to keep reading. I want them all to stay as they are. I feel for them. The author did too good of a job making them seem real. I want them to stay unchanged. I don't want anymore of them to die. (Many do in The Hunger Games). 

Unfortunately the clock is ticking on it as it is on loan to me from the library. And considering it took a month and a half for me to get The Hunger Games, because of how long the waiting list is, I do open it up and continue reading.

I am so glad I didn't know anything about the plot before I began reading. I purposely avoided reading online reviews.

Instead of writing a lot about it, I'll just say it's a New York Times best seller. Along with it's tear inducing plot points, it surprisingly had me questioning the morality of our current entertainment system juxtaposed against the entertainment style of the coliseums of old.

Anyone else read it? What did you think?