Found My Fave Hair Grooming Goo While Working On a Horror Movie & It's Technically For Girls

My hair is thin. Always has been. If not for the slight wave to it, it'd look nearly non-existent. If your hair is anything like mine, then you know that the challenge then is to enhance the curly wave but to not weigh it down with product. That's what I've learnt from sitting in hair stylist chairs on set. So I am very pleased when sitting in the make-up chair of stylist Krystianna Campbell that she doesn't scoop into the tub of hair gel nearby. But rather takes a few minutes sizing up my short strands. She doesn't want my hair to look overly fussed with. We couldn't have that. Not with my character being a survivor in a post apocalypse horror movie and all. The desired effect is "natural, wavy, a little bit of bed head while being clean." She touches my hair a little, runs her fingers in it a moment then makes a "Hmmm" sound. Turns to her table spread with glass & plastic containers full of hair gels, sprays, etc. Pulling out a crystal clear container, she unscrews the top. I see a lavender toned purple goo inside. Uh Oh.

paul cram taffy hair
She Is Going To Turn My Hair Purple

I think to myself. She dips the tips of her fingers inside. Then works some tiny daubs of the gooey purple taffy between her fingers. She then works her fingers through my thin wavy head of hair. "It's really just to hold in the fly aways and give your hair texture" she says. I sigh with relief, seeing that once in my hair it is transparent, not purple.

The smell is amazing! I ask if it's alright for me to look at the container? She knods. I pick it up and am surprised with how light it is. The container is deceptively heavy looking. Lifting it to my nose I am again asailed with that wonderful scent. It's something familiar. What is it? It's on the tip of my memory. I dip the very tip of my finger into some of the goo and pull it out. It stretches lightly, like taffy but not as thick. Not knowing what to do with it, I just wipe the little bit from my finger into my hair.

I Can't Stop Sticking My Nose Into The Container

It makes my hair look tossled. Mission accomplished Krystiana. The scent disipates too, so it is almost odorless. Loving the aroma, I again put my nose to the edge of the jar. It's fruity for sure. Then it hits me. The scent reminds me of chewing on purple grape flavored Now & Later's candy.

knera taffy paul cram

Kenra Platinum Texturizing Taffy $21.00 2oz. jar. A jar lasts a very long time for me. Being a guy, with short hair and all. What about you? Any great grooming finds while working on set? Or just something you've found that works well for you? Please share.