Director of Male Room Mate Comedy Film Wins Award in Houston

Congratulations Ryan Becken! Taking home the Best Director award from the 3rd annual Houston Comedy Film Festival for the 40 minute comedy Hair Rules. (I play a male masseur in the film, so fun). Watch the movie trailer below

It was a blast working with Ryan during filming.(Though next time, I hope my character gets to wear more outfits than a bathrobe on set).He always had great ideas and thoughts for us actors.

Produced by Eyehustle Entertainment Hair Rules was written by Bryan Turek, directed by Ryan Becken, with Cinematographer Nick Hillyard working as D.P., Sound by Seamlesssound, Music by Bryan McDonald . With actors Amber Johnson, Jenelle Kidd, and Amity Carlson.Starring actor Sasha Andreev and Paul Cram.

On set filming Hair Rules.