Booking the Role of an Obese Bald Man

paul cram actor
When I see the casting specifics for the role of Carl in the comedy film Hair Rules I can't help but laugh. "Seeking an over-weight bald man, the type of guy that is a loser yet loveable." The synopsis of the story sounds fun to me. It follows the lead actor Bruce who has it all. He's the perfect specimen of a male. Great hair, women throwing themselves at him, an aspiring underwear model career... all he needs to fill out his life is a rent paying room mate. Enter the Carl character. Something about the description of Carl makes me want to play the role. I may not be obese or bald, but I think I can play a geeky loser that is lovable, I think to myself. So I type out an email to the director and attach a photo (Actually the photo you see above). After clicking send,  I smile and keep my fingers crossed. 

Is Your Self Image Healthy?

I get a response from director Bryan Turek later in the evening. "You do realize that you are neither fat nor bald right?" After exchanging emails to assure him that I am not an anorexic guy that views himself as needing to lose a few more pounds of fat, he gives me an audition slot.

Don't Call Us We'll Call You

After my audition the director tells me on my way out the door "You're not really the physical look that we are looking for. We'll be in touch."
I sigh to myself and think "Ahh, it's the old We'll call you, don't call us" speech. At least I tried. 

Actually, We Like You, You're Hired

A few days later I get the call. "We are rewriting the script to accommodate your physical build and what you'll bring to the character." I am elated. (Though secretly a tad disappointed that they aren't going to put me into a fat suit for the role instead of the rewrite.)

Behind the scenes of filming "Hair Rules" with Sasha Andreev and Paul Cram

Any Houston, Texas peeps can see the film when it plays on November 3rd at the Houston Comedy Film Festival at The Alamo Draft House Theater. Tickets are $10 Get all the Hair Rules screening info here.

Hair Rules TEASER from Eyehustle Entertainment on Vimeo.