Becoming A Horror Creature, See Time Lapse Camera Footage of Special FX Makeup

paul cram dope sick

Horror fans, take a look at behind-the-scene footage of how "The Keeper" creature was made for the short pshycological thriller/horror film Dope Sick. (Along with footage of bloodied beauty Ladonna Craelius.) The film has Todd Parker (played by Paul Cram) in a Heroin addled haze, lost in the maze of a run down hotel where he encounters sexy prostitue Terra Crowe (Ladonna Craelius) who guides him through the twists and turns of his own mind attempting to escape his fate.

Elijah Woodcock
The monster (played by Michael VanHoever) was created by Special Effect Make-up artist Ryan Schaddelee. 

Dope Sick was directed by Elijah Woodcock and shot by Anthony Cousins. Written by John Karsko, Produced by Mason Makram, Brandon Van Vliet, Edward Throckmorton & Elijah Woodcock.

Additional cast members include: Brandon Van Vliet & Ryan Drees