Paul Cram's Got An Ugly Face But Alright Body

Paul Cram Body
"Paul's got the whole Chestnut Face thing going on" says the movie director. Had I shut the door upon my exit form the audition room a moment sooner, I wouldn't have heard the comment.

What is a Chestnut Face, I wonder? I consider myself to be fairly well read, but I don't recall having heard this term before. 

Do once out of the casting offices, I look online for the term.

The online Urban Dictionary definition:

Chestnut Face

A term referring to a man who has a hot body, but has an ugly face. It is a play on words, implying the phrase 'chest, not face', meaning his body is attractive, but not his face.

It is the male equivalent for the commonly used term "butter face" used to describe girls with attractive bodies and ugly faces. Both terms use a food word before the word "face", but sound like another word describing the looks of the person.


Though in the director's defense, he thought I was gone from the room when he made the comment.

Though I'll be honest, I do get a big grin about the buried compliment. Having been called Gollum before by a casting director- this seems to be a few steps up at least. And it is a great reminder to be kind with my own words.


  1. Paul,

    Thanks for sharing this. I worked in film years ago and remember being in a trailer going over some sag paperwork with an actress when the director entered (without knocking) dragging the hair dresser behind. Pointing at the actress he said (without preamble) "please tell me you can do something with that ___ing hair!"

    What struck me the most is that the actress seemed not to notice. After the jerk left I asked the actress how she maintained composure. She told me that she (the person) was completely separate from the commodity she sold on set. I'll never forget that director's callousness or the actress's strength.

    I'll simply say this... neither you nor your commodity need worry. You're great all over.


  2. Douglas,

    I appreciate the actresses ability to separate herself from the work. Bummer the director couldn't treat her with a bit more respect deserving of a fellow human being with feelings and value besides her being a commodity.

    Thanks for the story and the compliment. It's great to get notes on my blog here.


  3. Hi Paul,

    First of all, sorry for bad english!

    I met your blog today and reading your story disgusts me when I think how people nowadays are still ignorant and how some people have not yet developed (not evolved).

    To me beauty is beyond aesthetics. And that should be true for many other people! There are beautiful people that are just a 'cover' (bark, shell?) The beauty of these people don't go beyond the cover, ie, is superficial. And I'm not talking about 'inner beauty'.

    Some people considered beautiful, always have something ugly. Why not consider otherwise?

    Anyway... Talk about beauty always makes me debating.
    I hope I have expressed myself clearly.

    To me, you're a beautiful guy!

    1. Greeting Bruno!
      Thank you for taking the time to read the blog, and for writing in. I wholeheartedly agree with you. Everyone has something ugly, we are human.

      Thank you too for the great compliment. I appreciate it!



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