Grateful to The Woman That Gave Me a Light

I know a woman that surrounds herself with beauty. Trinkets, baubles and shiny things. 

I think she remains grounded and un-snobbish because she shares these pretty things with the people around her too. 

She gave me this Bamboo Green Tea scented candle and told me to use it and to let her know when it's all gone because she'll get me another one.

So I was burning it last night while reading and it made me smile. I am grateful for the example of unselfish giving that she displays.


  1. I like your blog! THinking I may have to get on a the blogging wagon myself!

  2. I would read your blog. I am curious how you'd make it look and what you'd write about. I do find myself blogging a bit more now that the season's changed. Somehow I prefer it to Facebooking & tweeting, probly because it feels more like it's mine. :)


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