Proof Movie Directors Love To Kill Actor Paul Cram

paul cram black eye
Movie directors love to kill me. 

This truth didn't dawn on me until a newspaper reporter pointed it out by asking me why it is, with alarming regularity, that I am the guy that gets beat, pulverized, and generally killed in so many of the movies I work on.

Ways Actor Paul Cram's Characters Have Met Their Maker
  • Blown up by bomb/landmine
  • Death by poison 
  • Mauled by a bear/wild animal
  • Death by drug overdose
  • Bullet to the brain, face, stomach and/or back
  • Stabbed in the neck, back and/or stomach
  • Run over by a car
  • Bled to death from an open wound while crawling on concrete 
  • Bled to death while crawling across a frozen lake
  • Broken neck
  • ...the list goes on & on
I hadn't thought about it much. All these dire ends to my characters. But the question posed by the newspaper reporter forced me to think about it.

I almost didn't jot that list above. I grabbed a pad of paper and was just about to write out a bullet point list of the ways I'd died... but I paused though just before putting ball point pen to paper. 

I felt weird. 

Would writing down the ways I'd died in movies somehow like be writing out a personal jinx and I'd never get cast ever again in these fun kinds of roles?  (Trust me, It didn't sound so over dramatic in my head at the time.)

But I thought then that some of the great writers of mystery novels, like Agatha Christie, maybe kept a little note pad on their night stand where she'd jot down lists like "ways to kill characters" and "poisons that leave no trace". That got me over the weird superstitious-ness. If Agatha Christie could delve into a sort of dark-side while writing, I'll be good too.

I don't know exactly why I get cast in so many of these macabre roles. 
Some of the reason is certainly because of the horror movie genre. Though that's not the only genre movie that I get beat up in because I've done some comedy and drama. With the same effects on my characters.

I have the suspicion  a percentage of the reason is because of my body type.

Heretofore, for centuries of human society, it's been the skinny guys that get picked on. A sort of "survival of the fittest" coming into play.  

It's a creative writer that comes up with a new way to kill my character.